At Ketchikan Kayak Fishing, we offer partial and full day trips. A partial day is typically about 4 to 5 hours on the water, and a full day is 7 to 8 hours. Shorter and longer time frames are available. The fishing agenda depends on your time frame, your desires, and the weather. There are no ‘canned’ tours, or a ‘pack em in, pack em out’ attitude here. We offer a personal fishing guide service that caters to your desires. We take people of all ages and skills. Some of the best fishing and nicest water is in the early morning and late evening hours. We fish as early as 4A.M. and as late as 10P.M. We provide round trip transportation from your cruise ship, lodge, or hotel. 


Alaska Fishing GroundsOur service is very private. We get you away from the crowds and noisy motors and let you experience Alaska the way it was done centuries ago, except you'll have nicer gear. We take a maximum of two kayaks per guide, so you’ll get plenty of personal attention, and we take a maximum of four kayaks of guests per outing, so no worry of a large group. We'll stop on an island to stretch, check out the forest, and eat. The Tongass National Forest, the largest National Forest in the U.S., surrounds all the fishing areas.


We offer fish processing for $1.25 per pound. This is a better rate than the processors in town, and the best part is that you are guaranteed to get your fish sent home to you.  Fishing licenses are available at the marina where we launch, or online in advance at the Alaska Fish and Game site.


Here’s some guidelines to help plan a successful trip-


   -Target your species. We’re fortunate to have multiple species available in the same areas. Target one species or target them all. Identifying what you want from your Alaska fishing trip will help us plan your day. If you’re not sure we’ll be glad to offer advice. The primary salmon we fish for are King salmon and Coho salmon. Pink, Chum, and Sockeye salmon are also available, as well as excellent halibut fishing and multiple species of rockfish. There is no bigger bang for your buck than halibut fishing from a kayak. Its an Alaska fishing experience you won't forget. Click here for information on Alaska's Fish and Wildlife.


   - What’s your time frame? This will determine how far we will roam and may affect how we fish.


   - Are you with a partner? Its great if you both want to fish, but sometimes one does and one doesn’t. This is not a problem. Trolling is a great technique to fish and tour at the same time. Its very effective for King salmon and Coho salmon. We have tandem boats if you want to pair up. This is a great way for couples to tour, fish, and spend quality time together.

Totem viewing while King salmon and halibut fishing


Partial day trips are $150 per person, and full day trips are $200 per person.  Kids under age 13 are $100 for a half day. This includes round trip transportation from town, guide service, all gear, and some food and drink. This does not include a 2% Borough tax. Call for rates for shorter or longer time frames.


Guides are Red Cross First Aid and CPR Trained for children and adults. Your safe return is our primary goal.

It is our goal at Ketchikan Kayak Fishing to help people re-connect with the basic elements of the land and sea. To slow down. To see, feel, and understand. It’s a wondrous world, but you have to slow down to see it.

Renew your spirit. Come on a journey with us.





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