Halibut fishing rigThe boats we use for kayak fishing are stable sit-on-top kayaks made of polyethylene. These are a bit wider than typical sit inside touring kayaks. They are comfortable, very stable, and have a great layout for fishing. In the rare event that you go overboard, you just crawl back on. No need for eskimo rolls or complicated rescue techniques. This provides an extra margin of safety. Our kayaks are also self draining through built in scupper holes. No client has ever tipped over.


Ketchikan pedal kayakWe have singles, tandems, and for those looking for something unique and different, we offer pedal powered kayaks. Thatís right, kayaks you pedal instead of paddle. These are great if you have an upper body injury or just want to try something new. They are great for kayak fishing.  


Our boats have fish/depth finders, rod holders, and dry bags for your personal items. We also provide rain gear, rubber boots, and high quality fishing gear for you. We offer high quality Shimano reels that are always in excellent working condition. You won't be handed a crusty old reel when you fish with us. We hand tie all leaders for halibut and for salmon, and we pay attention to details like fresh line and quality terminal gear. Kayak fishing means light tackle fishing. Kayak fishing is to the ocean what fly fishing is to the stream. 


We provide everything you need for a great day on the water. 


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