Tow Trucks Are Going Fishing

There comes a time in a tow truckers life when he’s going to have to go fishing.

He’s going to have to get out of his truck get wet hook up a car, truck, or even aircraft and pull it out of the lake, river, pond, or city irrigation ditch. Vehicles and airplanes sometimes and up in a body of water somewhere. And the likely proponent to safe rescue is going to be a toll truck and his winch cable. So like we said earlier there’s going to come appointment till truckers life or he’s going to have to throw down his winch and pull something out of the water. This is actually more common than most of the snow.

Florida Tow Trucks To The Rescue

florida mapEarlier this year in April in a small town in Florida, the local sheriffs department had to respond to spruce Creek airport in Port Orange Florida for an accident that happened with a plane coming in. The small jet coming in apparently was coming in way too hot and blew by the runway therefore ending up in a nearby pond there were three passengers on board that small jet thankfully nobody was injured and there were no fatalities either. A hazmat team was dispatched to the pond and ended up recovering a small amount of fuel that had leaked into the water but overall it was not a major environmental catastrophe by any means.

Local Tow Operators Work Together

A local towing company that goes by the name of Universal towing was called out to the scene to handle the recovery of the aircraft. The local tow company send out three trucks light-duty a medium duty and a heavy duty truck to handle and lockdown situation. The owner of the plane called another tow company for himself. So at this point there were two towing services on the scene and in the end the tow companies teamed up to perform the aircraft recovery. The other local towing company showed up with a 100 ton rotator which has a 100,000 pound boom capacity that was plenty of muscle that was going to be need to pull this airplane out of the pond. In addition to the two companies on scene and aircraft salvage company was called out with a certified diver to set up the rigging on the plane. Along with the rigging airbags were set up to keep the flip the plane afloat during the operation and prevent further damage to the 3 million Dollar aircraft.

The aircraft was winched out of the pond slowly and methodically careful not to cause any further damage to the expensive jet. The plane eventually reach the shore and was completely pulled on to the shore and out of the water and there it sat for a while letting all the water drain out of it’s cracks and crevices. Once the Cessna jet had fully drained out an airport tog pulled the jet back to a local tug hanger at the airport. The whole operation was considered a success and the teamwork showed by both local tow services was outstanding.

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